Her Ruby Slippers

It’s undeniable. Anybody who knows me and knows me well, KNOWS that Emirates was my dream. Dream as in, when I first decided and realised I wanted to become a flight attendant, I was up all night every night until 3-4 o’clock in the morning. I couldn’t sleep. I was so excited for my life!!! Everything in your life shines so much brighter, it’s like beams of rays burst inside and through you. All of you. Life has purpose. Life has a meaning. What? You mean I don’t have to sit inside an office cubicle typing away at a computer all day? When you finally find that dream, that purpose you’re meant to live for, your life is exciting! You look forward to weeks, months and years ahead because it’ll be fun… right? 

Was? Why did you say that it ‘was your dream?’ 

I still remember that day I knew this was meant for me (refer to post #1). But what happens when you don’t get it? When you’ve tried more times than the amount of fingers you own and 6 years have now past?

“It’s okay, you’ll get something better”

I will never forget those words. The words others told me the first time I went for it. I mean, in the meantime, in between these 6 years I have done some pretty awesome things like: backpacked across Europe for 15 weeks solo, lived independently, flew around with a couple of animal airlines, found my faith which changed my life and walked inside the walls of Jerusalem, kicked some sweet a*s goals like loosing weight equivalent to a 5 year old child. 

But one things for sure and I can’t help but wonder, will this ever be “meant for me?” 

It dawned on me today why I think I hold this dream very close to my heart. When I was a child. I was in love with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. So much so, I dressed up like her with my blue dress, basket with stuffed toy dog and my sparkly red shoes. It’s funny how the subconscious mind works; it will cling to anything it is familiar with and hold onto it tight. 
It made sense! That inner child in me found comfort in the smallest detail of their magic red shoes that could take me “Home” (Sydney), anytime I wanted to! In the snap of the heels, click, clack, click. You could hear it through the airport terminal. There’s no place like home. But first we needed to journey to a far away place called the “Emerald City” where all their dreams would come true (Dubai). Along the way we would bump into some “different characters” Scarecreow, Tin Man & Lion (a team of over 100 nationalities coming together, finding your favourite ones and making them your new family). Together we would hunt down for the ‘Wizard’ (traveling the world) who will make all our dreams come true and can give us whatever we wanted. 

As much as it hurts, don’t you ever be afraid to dream… 

The child in me wants to believe that one day, this may just be for me. Maybe, just one day, I’ll have my own pair of time traveling ruby slippers. 

Follow me on the yellow brick road… 

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