Life After Twenty Five 

Quarter of a Centry Milestone

I’m not sure why there’s something about this number that makes people think that they slowly have to start getting their sh*t together and start become a real life adult. I mean, whoever said it takes 5 whole years from 25-30 to say okay, pat on back, well done you made it!

But isn’t there more to life than these false social expectations and where the hell do they come from? I’m not going to lie I’ve felt it too!

Is it the social pressure from our peers around us? One after the other, slowly, they start getting hitched. Then before you know it, it picks up pace and you’re in that very small group at the wedding dancing to ‘all the single ladies‘ secretly thinking ‘this is a cover up – get me out of here.’ As a matter of fact you’re waving your hands in the air, you know all the moves by heart because you’ve had way too much practice. You slightly cringe as you watch the bride and groom kiss at the wedding reception and you’re thinking ‘well that’s just nice isn’t it?’

It’s funny because I thought I would have at LEAST met Prince Charming at by the age of 24. Date for a year and be married by 25. First kid by 26. White picket fence, (not really – imma house in the burbs kinda girl), 4 kids and 1 german shepherd. I had my whole life planned out for myself.

On my 25th birthday I was still single, recently found out the guy of my ‘dreams’ (HA! What a joke right?) wanted nothing to do with me. So now, I’m meant to pick up the pieces of myself by myself and start again? I couldn’t deal! So naturally, I went to Europe for 15 weeks.

This is where my life truly began.

I quit my well paying office job because I was heartbroken and I couldn’t bare to see his face again… and maybe this trip would lead me to the next big thing right? My next big break! I’d get that uh-huh moment! Where all life’s questions would be answered in the blink of an eye. Instead, my eyes were constantly filled with tears as I was picking up the pieces of myself all throughout Europe, trying to figure out who I was or who the hell I wanted to be.

The trip went by and I didn’t get my calling. To be honest I was kind of bummed. I met people who had their ‘uh-huh’ moments and didn’t return home. But why, why me? Why did I feel the need to return home? So I went back, and unfortunately yes, back to the same job.
It seemed like I quit my job for the next best thing, just to find myself at the same place I started, maybe even worse? Lucky for me it was a casual position so I wasn’t stuck. They did offer me a permanent position again and I graciously declined.
I was in and out of that office trying to get my head around what the heck I was meant to be doing with my life. I remember I found a course online ‘Aviation Australia – Certificate II in Flight Operations‘ This was it! Time for me to give it all I got, go get my dreams as a flight attendant and I worked BLOOOODY hard on myself and did just that. Landed a job shortly after the course and started flying all around Australia. I was damn proud. I finally did something for me. This was the reason for my return. This was my ‘uh huh’ moment. Life was worth living again. But this time, I did this for my own damn self!!!

During those three years I rediscovered who I was again building my new identity. I was finally becoming a truly independent yet grounded women who had some sort of direction in my life. My life had meaning now. I found my faith again which helped me find peace with my past, set some personal goals, strengthen my values and give me meaning to fight through many adversities. I started to hang with a whole new crowd of people from church and started to discover my true identity. I realised the person who I was all along was actually pretty okay. They accepted and took me in with all my broken pieces. I also learned that it’s okay not to be okay. I didn’t have to have it together all the time or always strive to be perfect. I learned to be kind to myself, trust my instincts and learn to be okay with saying no. I became more vulnerable (I didn’t know I could get even more emotional), expressed how I felt and practiced gratitude daily.

Yes, okay, I admit. I suffered a lot as those years went by and I do still have struggles to this day, but they’re building my strength, courage and character.

I no longer felt the need to want to be with someone. I finally broke free from societies social expectation, but most importantly my own.

So here I am. 28 and four months old (as the kid in me would say!) and I’ve set some pretty big and exciting goals to reach for my 30th Birthday.
I want the next chapter of my adult life to be exciting!! So why not celebrate the beginning of my 30’s with some Health, Career and Life Goals accomplished. Life is not what is given to you it’s giving it all you’ve got.

Three Zero. I’m coming for you and I hope you’re ready for me.

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