Love and Marriage

I would like to start with a bit of my own background regarding this topic. The majority of my life I used to be in favour of same-sex marriage. I just DIDN’T understand WHY they were ruling people out. Don’t we all have a choice? I used to always say ‘Doesn’t it say in the bible who am I to judge?’ What I didn’t realise is that there was more than just a choice in this topic. 
At one stage of my life I became curious as to why the Church didn’t just adapt and ‘get on with it’. My curiousity spiked and I asked a girl I had met, why the Church won’t allow same-sex couples to marry and why it’s not a valid marriage. She did the right thing and sent me a couple of articles and publishings from the Church, and I read them all with an open mind.  

After I had read the articles she sent me my mind was blown. I had never even thought of these other factors contributing to why they believed so strongly in not changing their marriage rites. I then realised, we are trying to redefine the word ‘Marriage’. It wasn’t an attack on the people. They were trying to change the meaning of the word.

So here I am, here, to share my views on what the word Marriage means to me. Yes, just the meaning of the word.

I know that there is pain on both sides of people on this topic, so when we discuss this and approach it with nothing but love and understanding of human beings as persons, not dividing people into segregated groups. 

I hope others can have the same respect to approach me in the same manner as I express my views and opinions. If anything, I was afraid to admit to anyone that this is how I felt and that my views had shifted. So I kept my opinion to myself. I was afraid people would judge me and think I’m weird, or ruling out people which is not the case at all. I love all people the same: all shapes and sizes, age, race, religion, disabilities or sexual preference. I was taught that no human is superior based on any of these factors and that we are all the same in a weird and wonderful way. 

I also understand that everyone is on a different journey and has a unique individual purpose with their life. My willingness to express my views has no intention to hurt someone with any of my words. It is to express that no matter who you are, we are ALL loved EQUALLY by the SAME God. This topic is solely focusing on the word and what it contains. 

My definition of LOVE:

God loves us so much so he gave us the ability to love each other, so we could have a small yet intimate taste of how much he loves us. He has given us this gift to love so we may always have a part of Him living within us. That love triumphs all. 
He has given us a beating heart, uncontrollable feelings and our own life to fall in love with. Love is not limited to the people around us. We love our hobbies, talents, nature and animals; our hearts have no limit to the things that we can love. Love doesn’t have a start date, it brews over time. It also does not have an expiration date, but it does need to be nurtured with his friends: respect, communication, patience, honesty, kindness and loyalty. Without the help of his friends, it won’t work. It’s limitless in the amount you give and can receive. Love is strong and powerful but needs to be treated with delicacy and care. Love is a noun, verb and also an adjective. It’s something so simple to feel yet sometimes so complicated to do. Love can be profound and liberating, yet is also a daily choice. 

My definition of MARRIAGE: 

To me it means the next three words. Faithful, Fruitful and Loyal.

Faithful – to one person 

Fruitful – a man and a woman who are open to procreation and creating life

Loyal – forever until death do they part 

I am no expert-talk-giver, people researcher or relationship expert. I do however, believe that these three pillars are crucial elements to the word marriage and the foundations it upholds. If you remove any of these three pillars. It is anything but marriage. 

Please read the links below for more information regarding this topic.

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