Typical Touristy Tokyo Trails

Tokyo is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. In fact at one stage of my pubescent life I wanted to live in Tokyo (mainly inspired by Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift and purely for that ‘kawaii-gangster’ lifestyle they portrayed in the movie).

I’ve always loved the Japanese culture. It’s always intrigued me. Raw fish delicacy, their hygiene standards are top notch (if you’re not into that typical smelly dirty Asia vibe), sumo wrestling, outrageous harajuku fashion, their gorgeous geishas and have you noticed that everything the Japanese people do are so damn cute? One of my ex work colleagues I used to exercise with was Japanese and I told her “Even your running is cute!” How the heck is everything they do be so kawaii? I just didn’t get it. Here I was panting, yelling and looking nothing short of a monster and yet, she still acted and looked like a delicate flower; whilst we did our run, squats and burpees.

Their transport system is very user friendly. I got this tap-on-tap-off card at the train station. It even says my name on it. Fancy huh?

Asakusa Temple 
I remember the feeling vividly as I arrived in this area. “NOW I’M IN JAPAN” my heart exclaimed! I couldn’t believe it! Okay so it was filled with truck loads of tourists but I really did not care. How cute are these girls dressed in their traditional get-up? I felt like I teleported into all the Japanese movies I had ever watched. I was not even slightly ashamed to be squealing with joy as I bounced around the temple surrounds.

Surprisingly as I walked around Asakusa I was unlucky in finding a place to get some sushi, which is all I wanted. So I went to what seemed like an information desk, i ask the guy if he knows any sushi places. The guy closes his shop and walks me to this restaurant Sushi Ken. I arrive at the front of the door completely taken back by his hospitality as he says “This okay?” I’m thinking to myself I’m pretty sure this is more than okay this is perfect! Okay, so I admit, I overpaid. But who cares when it’s the best damn sushimi (sushi/sashimi) you’ve ever had in your life! Accompanied with a green tea of course to wash it all down.

What better way to finish a meal with some dessert right? Tofu and Japanese Sake Gelato? Yes please!

Shortly after I met up with a friend who joined me on an adventure around town. We visited so many places by the end of the day I thought my legs were going to fall off! Quite literally, yes.

Tokyo Skytree, Asahi Beer Hall and a Golden Turd… how lovely! 

Getting closer can you see it?

Tokyo Tower 
A telecommunications tower in Tokyo, design was inspired by the Eiffel Tower.

Same Same 

But different? 

Sorry Tokyo Tower but the Eiffel Tower will always have my heart.

Rainbow Bridge and Statue of Liberty 

For a country that’s innovative with leading technology you’d think they wouldn’t want to copy other countries monuments. Maybe the concept of bringing the world to Tokyo taken quite literally.

And some more sushimi for dinner to satisfy those lifelong cravings I’ve been holding off for so long at home. Need I say more?

The next day I decided to see a couple more sights until I could say I had truly ticked off all those typical tourist tokyo trails. That I had truly left my mark on the city. Leaving a mark was easy. Bringing my heart back was difficult.

Shibuya Crossing 

Eating delicious cheap ramen. They have machines where you choose what you would like to eat and they bring it out for you. See what I mean? Innovative!

… and a trip to Harajuku eating Mille Crepes 

To sum this place up: Tokyo is like this piece of cake. Scrape each layer off one at a time. It’s delicate, delicious, sweet, that’s what tokyo is, it’s an absolute treat!

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