Best roommate? I get BROWNIE points! 

So this is my first ever time to bake! To be honest I was never a ‘cooking’ kind of person. Due to my history of cooking candles and burning half my kitchen down at home in my younger years. Flames were not my friend!

However I did promise my roommate that I would make us some brownies if she would get us an oven that worked. So she did and I had to deliver the goods.

My love for brownies started when I did a trip to Biarritz. When I got back to Sydney I wanted to try all the brownies Sydney had to offer. Then before you know it, I got hooked, completely addicted. Now there’s no turning back! There were some average and very few DELICIOUS ones. I thought to myself. How hard must it be? So I took it upon myself to make a batch of brownies.

So here it is! My first ever Nutella Brownie.

Nutella Brownie Batter

Final Product

Thanks Woolies for your half price sale for the vanilla ice cream.

Although I really enjoyed making this brownie I won’t be rushing back into the kitchen to make another one anytime soon.

I could not stop eating a slice a day and I started to feel like Bruce Bogtrotter in this scene.

So it’s back to healthy eating… for now

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