Having a Hygge ofa Holiday!

True wanderlust style.

Booked all my flights exactly 1 week before departure.


Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Sevilla, Siege Aguas, Valencia (Spain)

Zurich (Switzerland) – unplanned but what a wonderful surprise it was!

Copenhagen (Denmark)

Perth (Australia)

To say the least it had been an extremely difficult 2018 (and it was only August!) but what a nice interlude this trip was indeed. And if my friend wasn’t getting married abroad in her hometown Sevilla, I definitely wouldn’t be hopping on that plane half way across the world.

So I jumped onto a plane with one goal…

Spend some real quality time with the ones I love. Going slow and enjoying each and every moment.

Eating the best churros in Spain, sitting with a friend you haven’t seen in years and watching the wonderful world walk past you one quiet morning. Siestas should be necessary everywhere!

Watching one of your BESTEST friends get married, laughing so hard until you cough and crying bucketful of (happy) tears!

Praying in beautiful far away mountains and chapels spending time with the Lord. Growing even deeper in faith and having an experience you never even expected!

Quick road trip to Valencia with Juana and having her (almost) pass out cause of the heat! Oops so sorry!

Realising you have about 6 hours stop over in Zurich so why not leave the airport and go for a couple hours or so wander. To magically lay your eyes upon this!

Being picked up in a box bike (google it!) by your friends husband and manually pushing you and your 2 pieces of luggage to the apartment

Dinner with your heavily pregnant friend with fantastic views and delicious food

And it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve been off the bike or keep falling off.

‘Get back on the bike on smooth flat roads to get you back into the swing of things’

12-15 hours in ‘transit’ (aka 2 missed flights because you’re on standby and didn’t get on) after a 10 hour flight. Wonky eyebrows because you’ve been sleeping at the airport with the rest of the zombie flightless crew.

Visiting your other friend who is worlds away (in the same country). Painting with her Mum, lots of DNM chats, movies, dinner and just the simple things we’re unable to do because we live in different cities!

Comfy couch spreads


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