I’ve thought of making a new blog called ‘The Poetry Pantry’, but I can’t have anymore …. ‘more than one’.

Okay let me explain

I have 3 Instagram accounts, one for my videos, one for my writing and one for my cat and I have about 4 different email addresses (not including my work one!)

It’s safe to say I’m a hoarder of online accounts because they’re accumulation cannot be tangibly and physically seen.

FYI – in terms of physical hoarding… I’m the exact opposite. I have this rule if I haven’t used it in 2 years (I’ve given that item 2 seasons to be used) and if it isn’t an item of possession. I’ll bin it! … yeah I probably will have to start thinking of eco ways of ‘throwing stuff out’

The reason I wanted to write this new blog is because I want it to be focused on the theme I have been posting on my Instagram @thepoetrypantry


I guess I could change the domain of this blog BUT for some reason

It just doesn’t feel like it’s time!

So… I will just write here. Keep this domain

And let it be

And since you so kindly asked đŸ˜‰ here’s a cute picture of my cat named Mango

Toodles x

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