Saint Francis De Shopping?

Yes really,

I actually thought he was the patron Saint of SALES and shopping. Blame, Instagram memes for that!

Until yesterday and this happened…

So last night I so did not want to go to mass. I sat in my car trying to convince myself that I was ‘too tired to go to mass’ and that I should drive home.

But alas, with what I am slightly convinced was a joint effort between the Holy Spirit and my Guardian Angel I dragged myself inside the church.

I sat there for 20 minutes and then mass started.

The priest then says this before we enter into the readings “Today is the Feast Day of Saint Frances De Sales, Patron Saint of Writers and Journalists.”

I sprung back from my slight slumber.

Let me tell you why this got me all shook up.

The past 6 months I have been discerning about going to University. I’ve always wanted to go. When I was younger, before I entered the travel industry. Straight out of high school I was enrolled to do my diploma in communications and media so I could have my entry point to study journalism at Uni.

… I withdrew my spot at the last minute and decided to do travel because of external persuasions.

I do not regret the paths I have gone down and all my accomplishments thus far because all my decisions, all my choices, all my hard work has led me here today.

One might said I ‘wouldn’t need to go to university’ now. However I am feeling a very strong calling to go. At one stage (actually many times!) I said to myself ‘I don’t need a degree, I can continue writing my books, get published and do this all on the side hustle.’ But something deep within keeps stirring with that I just can’t seem to explain or understand.

I really feel God was calling me to go to church to hear about St Frances De Sales. I honestly did not know much about him… so I did what every curious cat does on the street and I googled him.

During the Protestant reformation there were about 60,000 calvinists living within his vicinity; and by the time he had left 40,000 had converted back to the Catholic Church.

So how did he do this?

Flyers! Pamphlets. Slipping Catholic truths and doctrines under their doors because they didn’t want to open their doors to him.

He would write letters to people who wanted spiritual direction from him. He wrote and he wrote and he wrote. He was a bishop and Doctor of the church. He followed God’s will. Not thinking about the later but going where God called him to go.

Saint Frances De Sales: please help us to be more courageous in our faith and in doing Gods.


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