… is this even a thing?

I remember seeing a friend a couple months ago. We spoke about the ‘good ‘ol days’ when we were flying at some short haul airline. We couldn’t believe that it was just a measly FOUR years ago. And boy does time fly!

It’s a crazy thing time. Every day goes by and seemingly nothing changes. Yet, we look back on the years gone by and it seems like if not everything, most has changed; us, our relationships, our circumstances, our world views, morals/values and general outlook on life.

I took a secondment at the company I’m with because I was just not feeling this ZEAL of excitement I used to have in my job. Flying somehow wasn’t fulfilling my inner desires anymore. “I need to be mentally stimulated” I would say. This job is just so mind numbing…

Now, here here. Don’t get me wrong and don’t get it twisted sister. I was grateful I got to go see these amazing places all around the world (and get paid to do it!), but I just couldn’t figure out why it felt like something was missing. I need a break! That’s it. That’ll fix it.

Boy was I wrong wrong wrong!

That friend I had caught up with could tell that my short lived ‘I want to travel around the world forever’ phase had quickly come to an end. she looked at me and said “Wow, I think flying long haul has turned you off travelling altogether.” And that’s when the nail hit me on the head.

Traveling and seeing the world – I had truly come to a point where I was happy to just BE, here, now, at home and within.

I had visited over 30 countries before 30 years old, I backpacked around Europe, I travelled in groups, I travelled alone, I travelled for work, I travelled as a pilgrim and also did a hiking/camping trip back in high school which was a big BIG mistake lol.

Some people travel the world for years and years and years and they never ‘get over’ it. You could say I travelled in many different styles in many different ways.

Now don’t get it twisted… I’m still going to travel! It’s just not a high priority on my list these days.

I know it’s because I have bigger dreams, goals and aspirations I will need to work very hard for, in the next coming years.

I’m just sayin’ – Sating the desire to always want to ‘get away’ or ‘travel to new places’ is a nice place to be!

I’ve just adopted a more every day approach to this

… for now

As mentioned previously, views always change 😉

Cya xx

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