St Marie Francoise Thérèse Martin

My older sister’s name is Francoise Therese. Yes, my older sister is named after our very own Saint Marie Francoise Thérèse Martin. But it took me some time to recognise this saintly girl in the presence of my own life

In 2013 on my very own agonising road to conversion my cousin told me about this Saint that you could pray to. It’s a 9 day novena where you pray to a Saint and they kind of grant a wish like a genie in a bottle.

At the time I was very sick. Nothing serious just a cough. But it was keeping me up at all hours of the night… coughing for about 7 hours STRAIGHT. I was so exhausted and I continued to go to work.

I started praying this Novena alongside my rosary for 9 days. Praying I’d get better? Nah, I was praying I’d get the flight attending job with Emirates (lol).

I was so ill one day and on my way to work I passed out at town hall train station walking up the stairs in the midst of all the city workers rushing to get to work.


Drs office

Went home


Mind you, during this time, I was drugged up on all kinds of medications for my cough and it was getting worse day after day after day.

Then, 9 days later.

Nothing. No cough. Not one wheeze.

Was it a miracle?

Yeah, maybe not but who knows?

This was the beginning of my Novena praying, asking, wishing and asking for roses, wishes, blessings, gifts and desires.

I wanted it? I prayed for it!

St Thérèse somehow always showed her presence in my life for me. So naturally when I heard she was coming to Sydney, Australia with her parentals i just had to go visit her relics.

I also remember seeing her relics on a World Youth Day Pilgrimage in Prague 2016 after we had celebrated mass inside a Church.

Her presence, prayers and life giving roses are an abundant blessing I’ll never take for granted.

One of the wishes in my heart was that I wanted to receive a purple rose one day. It was exactly 9 days after I visited her relics I received one, on Valentine’s Day from a work colleague.





I took the rose with me that night. As I sat in my car about to go to mass. For about a week the date 10th of March kept coming up in my mind. ‘I’ll take an RDO for work as holiday bidding will be on that day’ I’d say to myself. But I couldn’t stop thinking of my grandma and how much she’d love to go and see her!

Just before evening mass I sat in the car holding the rose between the thorns thinking of my grandma. So I called her and asked if she wanted to see St Thérèse. After all the parish my grandmother attends is St Thérèse Catholic Church; which she has attended for over 30 years. And guess what day she’ll be at that Church? Yes, the day that kept ringing in my head.

My grandma told me she was dying to go but nobody could take her.

So there she is again.

St Thérèse.

Working her magic through her roses.

my vocation is to love

St Thérèse,

Help us to love the mediocrity of daily life as you did in your humble abode convent. Teach us to love the little mundane chores of everyday suffering. Please help teach us to love as you loved.

Our vocation and our highest calling in life is to love, God, neighbour and ourselves. So St Thérèse, please help us in all that we do.

Amen 🙏🏼

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